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    Wednesday, September 12th, 2001
    5:24 pm
    I don't know how I'm feeling....
    I spent the morning on the phone with my friend Jen, who lives in DC. I was so glad to hear that she's okay. It's good to finally hear from your friends and family... Today in class, all we talked about was what happened yesterday. It's still seems so surreal. Our classes were very small today, a lot of people are from Long Island and Manhattan... A lot of my friends are still in shock. Tomorrow give blood at the VFW!!!

    All my love... RS

    Current Mood: drained
    Tuesday, September 11th, 2001
    3:38 pm
    Oh my goodness...
    Oh my goodness!!! I woke up this morning, and for the first time in weeks, I turned the tv on. And there on the screen was the World Trade Center covered with clouds of smoke and everything. I didn't know what was going on! Then I heard about the Pentagon...and everything. I didn't believe it. It was like, pinch me -- I'm dreaming. This can't happen, not to us. This is outrageous! I see the pictures, of what was once the Trade Center, and the victims and everything that's going on right now. It's scary. I never thought that this would have happened. All I know, is give blood!! Please give blood. All I know now, is things you should do, and things you should say -- you shouldn't wait to say them. Because you never know what will happen....
    All my love...


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    12:00 am
    The day from hell!!
    First Monday of Fall 2001 Semester was today. Monday's are my worst days of the week. I have too many classes, and a night class that is till 9 pm. I was supposed to learn how to Salsa dance tonight, but once again...well, that didn't go the way I wanted it to. I tried to pick up a class today, so I wouldn't be stuck with 12 credits. It's funny how someone can run around like a chicken with it's head cut off! It's also weird, how I can't fall asleep when I want to -- but I fall asleep when I don't want to --- like in class! Tomorrow's Tuesday!! Thank God!! I get to sleep in! =)

    xoxo --- RS

    Current Mood: exhausted